Coming from London based Startup ecosystem, Siradix Pvt Ltd is a data driven healthcare company operating in India with an absolute passion for innovations in healthcare systems anywhere and everywhere.

The company provides quality medical solutions at the intersection of technology and affordability- creating compassionate value ecosystem around patients. Siradix builds familial and productive linkages with hospitals, diagnostic centres, pathology laboratories, equipment manufacturers, doctors, and investors.

As we bring sophistication in medical reporting, we aim complex, critical and challenging cases those Diagnostic/Pathology units avoid. We use industrial engineering techniques to smoothen the work flow in diagnostic process and cloud technology to keep track of individual cases. We use statistical techniques to derive intelligence out of set of dignostic cases- simply to benefit the patients in long run.

Our Services


Siradix Diagnostic Support (SDS) is a B-B reporting solution for Diagnostic centres and hospitals. 24x7 radiology support, focus on complex cases and flexi plans- even no cash plans!!


TeleradiologyHub (TH) is a marketplace for Radiologists and Service Seekers. The system verifies, registers, selects, rates and pays radiologists and delivers reports in 3-6 hours.

Advisory Practice

We offers business consultations to Diagnostic Centres and Hospitals. Revenue growth & Cost Leadership is the main practice.

Retail services

As Siradix partners with diagnostics centres and pathology labs across India, it provides individual patients affordable and quick ways to get CT/ MRI/ Path tests and second opinions.


Siradix Research is to benefit the patients, radiologists and dignostics centres. Our R&D efforts are in shaping up managable, predictive and preventive protocol for better health.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Quality health care cannot be the privilege of a few. We want to contribute to this greater cause, so that, some day, people anywhere on the planet have access to the best equipment and the best doctors.


To predict and prevent the disease using artificial intelligence algorithm.